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Why I care

I love what I do. Every day I bring stories to life and give voice to great characters. I play Bonnie Bennett, in the series, “The Vampire Diaries.” It’s a dream job.


Of course, the roles that I play aren’t real – they are the product of great writing and imagination. But there are real stories in the world that I know are important, and that I want to help tell. Stories that nobody is talking about. Stories that need to be told.
No story is more important to me than the story of refugees.


I am a proud supporter of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. I have traveled the world to help them raise awareness of the refugee crisis. A year ago, I traveled to Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan where I met Hassan and other Syrian children. Hassan changed my life. With little toys of his own, he gave me his tiny marble as a present. To this day, I still have that marble and carry it with me every day.


This past June I traveled with UNHCR to meet face-to-face with women and children fleeing Central America to hear their stories. I visited Mexico and Guatemala, where I met families that had risked their lives to take a treacherous journey, fleeing violence in their home countries for hope of a better future.


I want to honor the courage and commitment of the strong women and children. I want to help tell their inspiring stories, and in doing so, help them to provide protection and support.


Join me on my on-going journey with UNHCR, follow my trips and updates, and most importantly, help me tell their stories. Tell your friends and families about refugees – who they are, why they flee and why it is important for all of us to care.


It’s up to us to tell their stories.




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